Tormonic and Hurtonic

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It was October, 19 ,1901, in Washington D.C. there are two storm gods that are best friends. The first, Hurtonic the god of hurricanes, always wears blue pants with a blue shirt. The second one Tormonic the god of Tornado’s wears green everything just like hurtonic. They have been best friends since pre k now they have passed college already. They are still friends it starts to get really rainy the season is fall. They love the weather.

They always go see the movie cool storms they love that movie. They get emotional every time they see the movie because they think the movie is amazing how they show how storms look. Whenever the movie comes out they are the first ones to get tickets. They are also the first ones to get tickets nobody else goes to watch the movie but them.

If a storm ever comes it’s because they’re mad at each other or if any storm is mad but it has never happened to them but it has happened to other gods like the rain god the wind god and the snow god. If they get mad at each other they are super powerful together that they can destroy everything that is why nobody likes to get them both mad.

Hurtonic and Tormonic are different they are not like the other storms they never get mad at each other but in pre k they always got mad. They were not powerful at that time but if they get mad at each other now that there thirty. Back then they were five but if all the other storms got mad it really would not matter too much because they don’t do to much damage. The rain can flood but the god of rain never gets mad if it gets sad. It just gets sad but it doesn’t rain to hard when that happens.

Hurtonic and Tormonic got mad at each other because tormonic believes that he has the most powerful storm god in the world. Hurtonic got mad at him because Hurtonic didn’t believe it. Hurtonic got mad at tormonic. They don’t talk to each other or see each other. They are enemies now tormonic always thought hurtonic was the bad guy but tormonic didn’t know he was the bad guy.

Hurtonic wants to get revenge he want’s to do something evil he doesn’t care anymore he’s just mad. Tormonic didn’t know that he wasn’t the strongest storm the strongest storm is all of them combined. Since they got mad at each other Hurtonic and tormonic they didn’t know that they were putting everyone in danger because together they are powerful. If they’re both mad at each other a big storm will come.

Hurtonic’s revenge is that he want’s to build a machine to steal Tormonic’s powers. He wants Tormonic’s powers because if he takes his power’s he knows that he will turn powerful with 2 powers. Tormonic will be weak. Hurtonic is working on he doesn’t do anything else but work on the taking powers away machine he doesn’t focus on anything else.

Hurtonic makes the planning sheet of how it’s going to look Hurtonic wants it blue because he loves blue it will blend in with him it looks like a gumball machine but the helmet is invisible. The gumball machine also has some red. After 2 weeks of building he finally finishes the machine Hurtonic was proud of himself.

Hurtonic sees Tormonic he just want’s to find the right moment to run at him. Five minutes later he finds the right moment and runs at him tormonic get’s injected with a needle on the head. Tormonic doesn’t know what’s going on. Hurtonic puts it on his finger and it transfers the powers to him.

Tormonic yells’’ why he is strapped to a machine.’’

Hurtonic puts it on his finger and it transfers the powers to him.
Tormonic feel’s so strong he yells i’m the strongest god in the world and he just disappears and Tormonic doesn’t know what happened he just feels weak and miserable he fell on his knees and can’t move he is in pain he is failing.

Hurtonic starts to feel bad out of nowhere even though he did that to Tormonic. Hurtonic helps Tormonic up connects it to him. After he gives his power’s back.

They became friends again after what happened. In Washington it doesn’t matter if there are storms because the god of rains is the one that is most likely to get mad every day.

Tormonic apologized for what he said to Hurtonic because he caused it all by saying that he had the best power’s in the world. Tormonic was forgiven.

Hurtonic apologized to Tormonic for stealing his power’s and injecting him with a needle on his head that would of really hurt on a normal person. Storms don’t think they just do it. Humans have a brain also they think but sometimes they also make bad decisions. It would hurt for humans because they have a brain but storm gods just have a empty space in their head where they keep their emotions of storms and humans keep their thoughts of what happened that day. It is just different between humans and storms but after that day they lived happily ever after as friends.

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