My Winter Break


It was the first day of winter break and Eva had just woken up from a nice nap it was Christmas eve December 24, 2015.  Eva had to get ready for Christmas eve that she was going to spend the day at her house with her family.  She had to get dressed and go buy a few things for the day.  Eva was going to be very slow as a turtle by the end of the day.


Eva had gotten dressed to go out to the lake forest mall to buy chicken with her family Her sister Sonia also, needed to go buy presents so everyone was separated.  It was very hot in the mall that Eva was as sweaty as a gym coach.   Eva and her mom both went to a perfume shop and bought her father a perfume for Christmas.  Eva’s dad did not know that they went to go buy him a perfume because Eva’s dad was at work.


After the mall Eva, Alejandro her brother, Her mom, and her sister Sonia went home.  When Eva opened The door to her house both of her female puppies raced to the door and licked slobber all over Eva’s face they were so excited to see her Nala and Lova the two dogs were not excited to see the others because when Alejandro, Sonia, And Eva’s Mom went to pet Nala and Lova the ran under the table.


It was already afternoon when people started to arrive at Eva’s house.  Before anyone arrived which was before the mall Eva and her family cleaned the house they cleaned the table, Cleaned the kitchen, passed vacuum,  fixed the living room, Everyone cleaned their rooms, and washed laundry.  The house looked spotless and there was so much room.


It was afternoon about at 5 in the afternoon Eva’s brother named hose brought a cake just o have something sweet for Christmas then he left.  A few moments later his girlfriend walked in with her two kids her name is Jocelyn and her first kid is a girl and her name is Arlene her second baby is a boy and his name is Christopher.  Jocelyn came into the house to wrap gifts.


Eva was wearing a red dress her mom was wearing a blue dress and her sister Sonia was wearing a white dress.  Alejandro brought up that them all together looked like the the american flag of the united states.  Jocelyn left to go buy a few more presents and she left her children at Eva’s house because she had to go buy more presents.


Eva’s dad got home from work and when he got home he ordered pizza.  He ordered one box of pizza with pepperoni and stuffed crust he ordered another pizza with chicken and all of the pizzas had stuffed crust so he ordered one last one which had tomato’s  black olives and green pepper.


At eight everyone had arrived to Eva’s house Alex her other brother brought Chinese food and Eva’s other brother brought more pizza and the also all brought gifts.  The Christmas tree was over flowing with gifts some were also ripped.


Three hours passed and it was eleven and Eva and Everyone else were still partying hard.  Everyone was waiting for the clock to strike midnight to open presents.  Fifty nine minutes passed and everyone was counting down and it was midnight everyone ran to the tree and ripped their presents Eva was very excited for what she got she got a scrap book that she could make she got a scarf a shirt and a wallet and perfume.


Eva and her family love that day and they still do to this day.   They all had a good time spending time together.  Eva and everyone was grateful for what they received for Christmas.









Eva was going to be very slow as a turtle by the end of the day.

Eva was as sweaty as a gym coach.



I was a rock on a bed.


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