Dentist career

Dentists have a very important job. Everyone needs to brush their teeth and keep their teeth clean. They can’t brush their teeth unless your teeth are made of chocolate. If their teeth are made of chocolate they will melt in your mouth. Dentist’s diagnose, and treat diseases, injuries, and stuff that include your mouth.

Being a dentist is a very tough job a dentist’s duties are important. They help your teeth they help them when malformations of teeth happen, Examine your teeth, and other dental tissues affecting oral hygiene of people’s teeth oral is taking control of something and hygiene is conditions or practices conducive to maintaining health and preventing diseases.

The payment is important in a job nobody wants to work for free. The average annual salary is $163,240 the average hourly pay is $ 78.48 and the total employment is 93,580. It is important how much money you make in your job because nobody wants to be working in a job that pays you 1 penny a day unless you don’t care. You need enough money that you can maintain yourself and your family.

Education is required to be a dentist you have to have practice and you have to know how to use tools you do not want to kill your patient. There is a small formal education required for these occupations. It can also require graduate school. An example is they could require a master’s degree and some require a Ph. D.D.,M.D.,or J.D. (Law degree).

In conclusion, Dentists will be around forever because nobody wants a robot talking to them or touching their mouth with sharp objects. Robots and machines can not get wet humans will always be needed for something and Dentists will always be around they need clean teeth healthy teeth and a white smile.

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