Clear Spring Park

In my opinion Clear Spring Park is a positive human characteristic of Germantown.  It is positive because children get to play and they have many choices.  They also don’t allow smoking, they provide you with a place to sit, and a safe place to play.


Clear Spring Park gives you many choices to play on.  Some of the choices that they give you are swings, seesaws, slides, monkey bars, and park sets the swings come in many sizes for kids, teens, and babies.  There is only one seesaw so people take turns.  The park is a safe place to play and I am confident to go to the park and having fun with my family. Clear Spring Park is also an amazing place because they do not allow smoking so smaller and younger kids don’t get sick.


In conclusion, I feel confident to go to Clear Spring Park because I feel safe with all the rules at the park and barely anybody breaks the rules.

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