The House on Maple Street by Eva

A cold winter night of 1940 at 11402 Maple Street Germantown Md, there was a family. Four people lived in the house.  Katherine bluelies was a strange looking girl with green hair and blue eyes she had a hairy foot and a messed up back with messy hair people called her the grinch . The dad was named Bob, their son was named  Billy. And the daughter was named Frankie.  Katherine was a strange looking girl with green hair and blue eyes she had a hairy foot with messy hair.

Before they lived in a small apartment.  The school that frankie went to was bad. It was bad because she got bullied just because she had no friends the school was called Educationlandia.  

After the bluelies family moved into Maple Street they have been having a good life frankie doesn’t get bullied anymore.   A commercial came on about a rocket that only costs  $ 5.00 and billy was awake he saw the commercial Billy started whining.  He was whining because he wanted the rocket and he thought that his mom was gonna say no.

When billy was still watching the commercial on the rocket. The TV paused for a second. Then billy had his ear open and heard that it works. It makes real noises and it will have to be taken care of like a pet.

The man announces his name his name is Richard.  Richard  announced that a warning with the rocket which was don’t leave the rocket near an open flame.  The second warning was don’t expose the rocket to light or you’ll have to deal with the consequences.

The next day billy woke up as soon as he could to tell his mom if they could go to Walmegarus to buy the rocket that they had seen on Tv the day before.  Billy was patiently waiting for a response from his mother.

Katherine paused to think of an answer she came up with an answer which was yes she asked billy to clean his room before she left to go buy the rocket.  Billy cleaned the room as fast as he could he forgot that he cleaned it last night so he walked in his room for a second then he came out in a second and he walked out in a split second his mom walked into his room and it was spotless.

Billy and his mom got into their red 1940 Chevrolet Convertible it was new and spotless.  Katherine got to Walmegarus they got out of their car.  They had gone into the store and a man was just standing on the roof of Walmegarus he looked like a sketchy guy he had a long beard, black jacket, long hair, black pants, and brown flip flops.

Katherine ignored the man and just walked in the store.  Billy walked to the toy section and found millions of rockets.  They came in every color violet, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, aqua marine, teal, and more.  Billy choose one that he really loved he choose the aqua marine rocket. they bought the rocket and it cost $ 2.50 . They gave them a blanket with the rocket so that they keep it away from the sun and light.

Billy brought the rocket home. He looked at it very closely and saw a face carved into it. Billy really didn’t care billy wanted to sleep early so that he can wake up early and play with his rocket for a long temporary of time.

katherine gave billy supper before going to bed. Billy ate homemade cookies with nice and warm milk he ate about 20 cookies because he didn’t want to be hungry during he was sleeping he drank 5 cups of milk. He was very full billy had walked up the stairs.  Billy uncovered his bed and layed down on it the milk got him very sleepy so he fell asleep the second he touched his bed.

Katherine got the rest of her day off she got to sleep more and relax.  Since it was a cold winter day Katherine made hot cocoa. Katherine quickly went to the store to rent a movie that she could watch while Billy  was sleeping.  Bob and frankie were at home the whole time they were watching Home Alone the movie.

Billy woke up for a while and stood looking at the ceiling.  He left his Rocket near the big clear window with sunlight coming in.  He turned his head and stared at the rocket he thought in his head that he was doing something wrong.  Billy stared  into the carved face on the rockets eyes.  The eyes were red and black they had a small glow inside of them.  He stared into the eyes and fell asleep.

Frankie and Bob were in the living room. Just watching Tv they were watching Home Alone with katherine.  Home Alone is Frankie and Bob’s most favorite movie of all time.  Bob loved homemade cookies because Katherine made cookies the size of a big table Bob was upset because Billy ate all the cookies that katherine.  Bob had remembered that frankie had a stash of katherines cookies in her closet.  

Bob had ran up the stairs to the second floor.  Katherine was spying on him across the hall Frankie had forgotten that she had the cookies in her closet for five years already.  Bob might find them with fungus or mold nobody knew what they were going to have if they may also look like cookies but taste bad nobody knew what had happened to the cookies over the years no one will know what they look like until Bob goes up the stairs and see’s them with his own eyes.

Bob got up the stairs and walked into frankies room he looked into the mirror and he was full of sweat as if he was running or worried.  Bob walked over to the old,  black, and big closet it had spiderwebs all over it as if it were from the 1700’s.  Bob had never actually seen the closet but Bob didn’t care he just was scared to open the closet they had been living there for four years and he didn’t know what could be in the closet.

Bob went into the closet and the cookies looked perfectly fine as soon as Bob reached out to get one of the cookies he felt a something go through his body before he could even grab a cookie he felt a large sound go off it sounded like a bomb the noise was BOOM!

Billy was playing with the toy while he was playing with his toy he heard a ruckus going off in his room.  His mom walked into his room to see what was going on.  Katherine walked into Billy’s room and all she saw was fog she couldn’t see anything at all.  After 5 seconds of being in the room scary music came on from a horror story. She was very frightened.  

Katherine went away for a while then she came back she saw that the fog and music was gone.  She found  Billy playing with the rocket the rocket started talking it was telling billy what to do it almost felt like a nightmare.

A few hours later Katherine called Billy down for dinner.  Billy brought his rocket with him he didn’t want to leave his rocket in the cold dark room it was scary at night because when a tornado came Billy would cry at night.
Billy was so scared one day.   Billy woke up from his DREAM.  Billy was so relieved that it was all a dream.  

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