Author: Eva

Eva’s speech

Eva’s speech Good morning honored guests, Staff, parents, Teachers, Mrs.dietz, Mrs.German and 5th grade students of 2015-2016 . It is an honor to be here today. My name is Eva and today I will be telling you four stories from my life that I have only told a few people in my life. My first story is called Being to… Read more →

Dentist career

Dentists have a very important job. Everyone needs to brush their teeth and keep their teeth clean. They can’t brush their teeth unless your teeth are made of chocolate. If their teeth are made of chocolate they will melt in your mouth. Dentist’s diagnose, and treat diseases, injuries, and stuff that include your mouth. Being a dentist is a very… Read more →

Clear Spring Park

In my opinion Clear Spring Park is a positive human characteristic of Germantown.  It is positive because children get to play and they have many choices.  They also don’t allow smoking, they provide you with a place to sit, and a safe place to play.   Clear Spring Park gives you many choices to play on.  Some of the choices… Read more →

Raises In Jobs

In my opinion Business owners should give their employees a raise like McDonald’s, and they should get a raise so that they can afford things like healthcare, food, and transportation.   People in McDonald’s should get a raise because they are getting paid really low except for the managers cashiers get paid 8.41 and a shift manager gets paid 10.15… Read more →