The Food Safety Movement


Food Safety affects everyone buying food in the United States.  Everyone wants food to be safe, and clean.  The time was 1880 when people noticed that food was not too safe.  Illnesses from food can do more than just make you sick.  Illness from food keep people from working and earning money for their families.  Because of the Food Safety movement, you can buy food for your family that is safe and clean.


Louis Pasteur inventor, scientist, microbiologist, and chemist, invented  materials and machines to make food safe.  Louis Pasteur was born on December 27, 1822, in Dole France.  Louis Pasteur is famous for discovering materials and ways to make food safe.  Louis Pasteur died in 1895 his paralysis had worsened after his stroke in 1868.  His death was September 28, 1895, in Marne’s la Coquette, France.


Louis Pasteur was not a  farmer he just makes food safe.  In 1854 Louis Pasteur was appointed professor chemistry and dean of the science faculty at the university of Lille he worked on finding problems then coming up with solutions. Louis Pasteur invented a process where bacteria could be removed by boiling and then cooling liquid.


Louis Pasteur born on December 27, 1822, in Dole France, Louis Pasteur was not a bright student when he was in Elementary School years.  He was more interested in fishing and drawing. After Louis Pasteur completed his degrees in letters and mathematical sciences, Louis Pasteur joined the most esteemed French university Ecole Normal Superior in Paris for graduation.  In 1847, Louis Pasteur completed his Doctorate of science.  Louis Pasteur was appointed at physics professor at Dijon high school.  In 1848 and later Louis Pasteur moved to the University of Strasbourg as professor of chemistry.  
Louis Pasteur’s scientific and medical accomplishments include cure for rabies, anthrax, chicken cholera, and silkworm diseases.  He also contributed towards developing first vaccines and provided logical grounds for fermentation and brewing.   Louis Pasteur want’s to be able let people have the rights to food that is safe, clean, and eatable.


The refrigerator helps with food safety the refrigerator helps keep frozen veggies, meat, and desserts, and more stay frozen and it prevents frozen food from rotting and expiring.  In 1844, John Gorrie An, American doctor from Florida created a device based on Evans’ invention that would make ice in order to cool the air for yellow fever patients.  

Laws are significant when it comes to food safety.  There are laws for food safety.  The law of 2006 was that people who make food and sell food at the market have to label food with the ingredients or if not you could eat something that you are allergic to or you could eat or drink something that you can’t use for your age.  People reacted good to those laws because now they know if they should be eating  that kind of food.  Not everyone reacted the same because others that are not allergic to any food don’t care about ingredients. The effect of all of is that they still put ingredients of foods, snacks, drinks, and more because of the people who have allergic reactions to food.

Because of Louis Pasteur and the food safety movement,  food at Daly Elementary in 2015 is safe and clean.  We can get in the cafeteria line and feel confident that the food we are buying is safe for us to eat.  


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