Raises In Jobs

In my opinion Business owners should give their employees a raise like McDonald’s, and they should get a raise so that they can afford things like healthcare, food, and transportation.


People in McDonald’s should get a raise because they are getting paid really low except for the managers cashiers get paid 8.41 and a shift manager gets paid 10.15 and a cook gets paid 8.13 and managers, cooks, and cashiers should all get paid equally and a large amount like the managers or more.


Raises in jobs are important because people need to pay for health care.  Health care is important in people’s lives and health care is also expensive and you need money to pay for health care which includes jobs.  Health care that is efficient is expensive and most people want good services.  Health care will help people with knowing if they have something wrong with them or if they identify anyone with diseases.


Food food is important for everyone because if you don’t eat food you will starve to death.  Raises are important for food because most food is expensive and you need money for food. When you eat a balanced diet, your body obtains the fuel and nutrients it needs to do various bodily tasks.  For example, your body needs minerals to make hormones, and to build bones and improve your heartbeat.


Everybody needs transportation.  Transportation is important you need it to get from one place to another.  Transportation in needed all over the world.   

You need to get a raise in your job because if you don’t have enough money to buy a good car then you will buy a bad car that doesn’t work.  If you have a car that doesn’t work you will be late to work or other special places and your car won’t function.


In conclusion, people should get raises in their jobs so that they can afford objects like, food, utilities, cars,and more that is why everyone needs a raise.


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